Opera New England Orchestra

Opera New England OrchestraOrchestra – La Traviata members

Conductor – Bruce Menzies
Violin 1 – Margaret Butcher,  Holly Bennett
Violin 2 – Julie Fawcett,  Andreas Biasoglou
Viola  –  Jacqui Epps   Cello – Sofia Debus
Bass –  Francesca Andreoni    Flute – Geoff Derrin
Oboe – Madison Hallworth   Bassoon – Brighdie Chambers
Clarinet 1- Aiden Gallagher   Clarinet 2- Jessica Budge
Horn 1 – Al Finco    Horn 2 – Sarah Morris
Trumpet – Bruce Myers    Trombone – Dave Brown
Harp/Keyboard – Robyn Bradley    Timpani – Stuart Pavel


Previous members include
Violoin 2 – April Kelson    Oboe –  Caitlin MacAnulty
Bassoon –  Justin Sun  

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