Who are we?
Opera New England (ONE) is a not-for-profit incorporated association whose principal objective is to promote and produce opera in the New England Region. Volunteer members of association include experienced well known and respected local and national identities with a passion for bringing high quality performing arts to our region.

Why are we doing this?
The Armidale and the New England Region is fortunate to benefit from the enterprise of a number of individuals with passion, who donate their time to bring opera ‘to the sticks’.

ONE sees a tremendous opportunity to further offer high quality and completely live opera productions to audiences in regional NSW supported by our outstanding local musicians. Armidale theatre under the direction of national identity George Torbay and  Bruce Menzies has staged performances to rival professional capital city productions including Titanic – The Musical, Blood Brothers – The Play and the critically acclaimed production of The Hatpin.

A unique and exciting feature of ONE is the involvement of current singers or recent graduates from conservatoria or universities.  This offers a unique opportunity to develop and showcase their talent whilst also providing exposure of quality productions to the local regional community.
Productions are under the creative direction of George Torbay and conducted by  Bruce Menzies.

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