La Traviata Web Site Poster 5 October

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Note that all ticket sales incur a booking fee per ticket

 Calling for sponsors  Our starting amount for sponsorship is $500.  As well as general sponsorship, Opera New England provides the opportunity for the named sponsorship of specific parts of our production.  These include:  $1000 for a Principal performer,  $800 for an orchestra member or instrument, $600 for the production of the La Traviata program.

All sponsors receive the following sponsorship package:  2 complimentary tickets, 2 drinks, 2 programs, their name in the program and the ONE web site. Contact us through    operanewengland@gmail.com 

Like to make a donation? See the  Donors page on the right.  DONATIONS OF $2.00 OR MORE ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE

Opera New England provides singers who may be on the verge of a professional career the opportunity to rehearse and perform fully staged opera over four public performances.  Singers are required to present fully prepared for their role for a period of intense rehearsal in Armidale and are responsible for their travel costs to and from Armidale.

Singers are not paid a fee however they are provided with a full living away from home package including full board including meals and lodging during the rehearsal and performance period.

Become a Friend of OPERA New England, click on the page on the right and complete the online form to take advantage of being a Friend.

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